What are the 2022 bag trends that everyone will be talking about? Based on our research, we believe that there’s no denying that the New Year will bring in a whole new era of women’s handbags.

The handbag industry is constantly changing and evolving. With the ever-changing luxury fashion world, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the 2022 handbag trends don’t only include changes within handbags but also in clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items that go alongside them. Here’s what we found to be some of the most promising and exciting things that are slated to happen with bag trends.

What’s in store for the 2022 bag trends?

Based on our research, we believe that there’s no denying that the New Year will bring in a whole new era of women’s handbags. Like always, there are a few trends to be aware of before purchasing a bag.

The first trend that’s been taking over is the quilted style. Quilting styles have been all over the runway for quite some time now, and it seems like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. In 2022, expect to see quilted bags with more of an edgy woven cut and shape than ever before. These bags will come in different heights, lengths, and widths to fit your needs.

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The most-anticipated bag trends of 2022

In 2022, luxury brand names will be emphasized more. The emphasis on the brands’ logos will make the bags feel more luxurious and high-end. In addition to this, there are a few other trends that we predict will be huge in the coming years.

One of these is that women’s handbags will have a more sophisticated look. This means that there won’t be as many embellishments or flashy materials used in the design process because they can distract from a classic design. These handbags will still have a lot of character though with their classic silhouettes, straps, zipper and handles. This trend also means that there will be less usage of animal skins because those could also be seen as flashy materials.

Another thing that’s going to be a big change is the appearance of leather. Leather is a common material that’s typically used in handbags and other accessories, but it seems as though this trend will be making its comeback. In speaking with some experts from the industry, they noted that leather has been trending for the past five years and is now at a point where it’s ready to make a return as one of the 2022 bag trends.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be other materials being used in handbags, but leather will have a much more prominent presence within the industry. It might seem like an odd choice considering that vegan leather has been popular for many years, but it makes sense considering that this type of material also doubles as a sustainable option.

Another big change happening is that all colours of the rainbow are going to start showing up on women’s bags again! In recent years, it seems as though all women’s handbag options were muted shades of beige brown, black, navy blue, and other earth tones. The new trend is going to bring back colours like pink and turquoise which have been absent for quite some time now. The only thing to keep in mind is that these brighter colours can easily become overwhelming so they should always be paired with other neutral colours for balance like black, grey or white.

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What to expect in the future

When looking at the 2022 bag trends, it is important to consider that they can vary significantly depending on where you live in the world. For instance, the style of bags that are popular in one country may not be as popular in another.

However, there are a few trends that we found to be consistent and universal across all regions:

  • Handbags will be smaller in size and lighter in weight
  • Purses will continue to look sleeker and cleaner with fewer embellishments
  • Materials used will become more sustainable

As the economic times change, people are looking for more affordable options that still deliver quality. While some brands are increasing prices on their bags to meet this expectation, there are others that are bucking the trend and maintaining affordability by either taking feedback into consideration or outsourcing production to countries with cheaper labour costs. We’re also seeing an increase in sustainable materials like eco-friendly leathers and fabrics made from recycled plastics so more than just wallets can be sustainable too!

The next trend is a shift towards individualism- where each woman determines her own unique style rather than following popular trends. This trend has led to more unique product designs which you can find in trendy items like transparent handbags and backpacks with animal print details.

We also expect to see more collaboration from designers who want to create pieces with a longer lifespan rather than constantly releasing new styles every season.