Jewellery is a precious, intimate and highly symbolic item. Giving such a gift to a brother, spouse or father can be difficult. Choosing a piece of jewellery for a man is just as complex as choosing one for a woman. There are a variety of them on the market and each one varies according to a number of elements: colours, materials, designs and sizes among others. The brand Nomination in particular offers a wide range of men’s jewellery, all equally sophisticated and original. Choosing a piece of men’s jewellery involves a number of selection criteria, which are listed below.

The material of manufacture

There are several types of men’s jewellery. Each type varies according to the material used to make it. There are jewels made of walnut, gold, silver, bronze, rope, steel... Giving a beautiful gold, silver or bronze bracelet is the best Christmas gifts idea for men. The choice of a jewel for men depends primarily on this criterion. Wooden jewellery made of rope or steel is casual and very common. It is an ornament that is worn on a daily basis. They are also not very demanding and fit in with everyday style. On the other hand, gold, silver and bronze jewellery is very chic, sophisticated and only suitable for special occasions: celebrations, special outings and Christmas parties, among others.

The style

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Jewellery is above all a fashion accessory. It is an integral part of a man’s attire. The choice of a man’s jewellery is based on the wearer’s style of dress. These jewels are available in various designs, shapes and styles to suit different outfits. Simple bracelets for everyday casual styles and special, chic bracelets for casual styles. Browse the Nomination men’s jewellery catalogue and make your choice easily. In addition to style, colour is also a consideration. Men’s jewellery colours are usually very distracting, understated and not very flashy. These gentlemen are all about simplicity.

The quality

Quality is a key factor in choosing a product. It is the element that influences the durability and reliability of an item. When it comes to jewellery, the stakes are even higher. Jewellery is a fairly expensive item for the most part. It is therefore logical to reassure oneself of their quality by relying first on the major jewellery brands. Thanks to their experience, their reputation and their great expertise in the sale of quality jewellery, these establishments, like Nomination, ensure the reliability of their articles by providing excellent guarantees on purchases. A quality men’s jewellery is a jewellery of great value on the duration.


The articles available on the market are made in large quantities. This means that there are thousands of identical pieces of jewellery. Originality is therefore a necessity. For this, opt for customisable jewellery: name watches, creative necklaces, and composable bracelets. To find unique jewellery, go to major retailers or brands like Nomination. Not only will you be able to take advantage of Black Friday, but also the uniqueness of the pieces.