Fashion is always changing. Styles are influenced by trends that come from different countries and cultures. With the world becoming increasingly global, it’s only natural for fashion trends to be influenced by a melting pot of ideas. The best part about this? We don’t have to wait long until these styles will be available in our closets. Although we can’t predict which fashion trends will be popular in 2022, here are 10 of the most anticipated trends for next year.

Sporty Space Wear

This trend is all about mixing and matching sporty pieces with a futuristic aesthetic. As people start to live more active lifestyles and are more interested in working out, designers are creating new styles with this movement in mind. The trend is expected to grow because of its ability to accommodate both fashionable and practical needs. It might be difficult to imagine this now, but one-day people will be rocking neon Nike running tights with their Gucci blazer and Vetements tee.

colourful stripes in fashion

Stripe Designs

Stripes are a classic pattern that never goes out of style. And with the right colours and patterns, you can make stripes look fresh and new. Stripes are versatile enough to be used for many clothing types from men’s shirts and shorts to women’s skirts and dresses. Stripes are typically found in vertical or horizontal patterns, but lately, stripes have been seen in wavy lines and zigzag shapes. Although this style is not new, it’s definitely a trend to watch out for.

Mini Skirt Suits

These suits are composed of a jacket and mini-skirt that ends above the knee. The jacket is fitted, but not tight and the skirt is loose-fitting. They come in a variety of colours and fabrics including floral prints, denim, and satin. It’s perfect for women who are looking for tailored matching set clothes that show off more of their legs.


Chromatica is an artistic and colourful way to dress, with the use of colour blocking. It’s a very bold, adventurous look that can be seen at fashion shows from London to Paris. Looking at this trend, it seems as though the ’80s are coming back in full force. One thing that makes this trend so different from others is that it offers an opportunity for people to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

Lace Wear

Lace is not just for your grandma’s curtains. In the past few years, lace has been making waves on the runway and in the fashion world. Designers have begun incorporating lace into their designs as a way to add texture and dimension. This trend will continue to grow in popularity in 2022 when lace wearables are expected to make an entrance onto our fashion scene. Lace can be seen on the runway in dresses, skirts, tops, bags and more so it’s only natural that it would come into play for wearables this year too!

luxury beach wear

Luxury Beach Wear

The luxury beachwear trend for 2022 will be all about experimenting with fabrics. The trend is inspired by the idea of trying to create a more natural look. People are looking for more organic materials, such as linen and cotton, that have been processed in a way that looks natural. Luxury beachwear will be making waves in 2022. Instead of using black or white, the colours will be lighter and brighter. Designers will also experiment with prints to give beachwear a more exotic feel.

Knitwear and Quilted Designs

The use of heritage techniques such as quilting, embroidering, and knitting has been on trend ever since 2020 and this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. You can find knitwear and quilted designs in the form of sweaters, scarves, shawls, hats, dresses and more.

This type of fashion focuses on using natural patterns and textures to create pieces that are comfortable and cosy. It’s no wonder this trend is so popular. Knitwear is a great material for these items because it’s versatile. If you’re looking for different types of clothing that will keep you warm during the cold months or cool during the hot summers, invest in quilted wear or knitwear designs!

Silhouette Designs

The silhouettes for spring, summer, and Autumn are expected to be new and different. We can expect to see the customary drop waist dress or skirt with a tight bodice. The silhouette will feature a cinched waistline which will be paired with a flared skirt. The idea is that this silhouette will enhance curves in the body. In addition to this, we can also expect to see a wrap dress that has an asymmetrical hem–meaning one side of the dress would be longer than the other.

Minimalist Designs

In the coming years, we can expect to see a lot of skin. This includes everything from sheer fabrics to skimpy bikinis. With this in mind, it is important to note that more skin doesn’t necessarily mean less coverage. It’s all about finding clothes that flatter your figure and make you feel confident.