Engagement rings are a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. Dated back as far as the 1800s, these rings symbolize love and commitment for the rest of your life. No matter who you are, what your job is, or where you live, one thing is for certain: engagement rings have remained a timeless piece of jewellery.

We’ve seen many industry engagement ring trends over the years. From solitaire style to gold-plated, today we’re going to be looking at some of the current trends in the engagement ring industry and how they compare to what we might expect in 2022.

The Biggest Trends in Engagement Rings in 2022

Modern diamond engagement rings have come a long way from the days of old. Engagement rings are now more intricate and embellished than ever before. If you’re looking for something new, consider these five trends for the future:

  1. Micro Diamonds: These diamonds are smaller in size and could accurately be called “tiny.” They offer a modern take on the traditional engagement ring design and may become a trend in 2022.
  2. Light-Weight Metal: The lightest metals available today are titanium, tungsten, and platinum. These metals are not just light to wear but also provide sparkly colours that will make your diamond shine beautifully.
  3. Artistry: Rings with unique symbols and designs can now be purchased as well as engravings that tell the story of your love story or life together.
  4. Minimalist Design: There is nothing wrong with simplicity. Many couples are opting for minimalistic style rings in order to save money without sacrificing looks or quality.
  5. Fine Jewellery: If you want an amazing quality engagement ring, but don’t want to break the bank, consider fine jewellery options like diamonds and gemstones wedding set in gold or platinum instead of heavy metals like silver or white gold.

bigger is the new Engagement Ring trends

Engagement Rings Will Get Even Bigger and More Fashionable

It’s no secret that engagement rings are on the rise. They’re not just a wedding ring, but an expression of love and commitment for your partner before marriage.

The term “bigger is better” could easily be applied to what we can expect this year. In 2021, we’ve seen engagement rings get bigger and bigger.

The average diamond weight is over 1 carat, the average ring size is 4-7, and the number of diamonds in a solitaire has increased from one to three. With these trends in mind, it’s safe to assume that engagement ring designs will only get even more extravagant.

In 2022, the trend of bigger won’t end; instead, we can expect the ring industry to focus on designing even more larger-sized rings. The average diamond weight will increase by 2 carats with a 5-6 stone solitaire being the norm as well as an increasing number of diamonds per solitaire. Despite getting a little bit smaller in size, the new trends are still sure to offer a posh look with an emphasis on designer stones and modern design.

Online Shopping Will Become The Norm

Today, online shopping is the norm in many areas—online retailing accounts for over 10% of all revenue and has been on the rise since 2004. Today, many young couples are choosing to shop for their engagement ring online and select a style without even meeting in person.

So why do people want to buy engagement rings online? It boils down to three main reasons: convenience (no need to pick up a heavy box), speed (shipping time is cut in half), cost savings (you can find cheap deals). With more and more couples looking for better value from their engagement rings, it makes sense that buying them online remains the most popular option when it comes to buying an engagement ring.

Trends In The Engagement Ring Industry

More Diamonds Available To Purchase

We’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of diamond selections available to purchase over the past few years. Consumers can now choose from a variety of shapes and colours, which is a result of the popularity of lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are produced using synthetic gemstones made with carbon, which is an element found naturally in the Earth’s crust. Lab-grown diamonds were first introduced in 2011 and have steadily gained popularity since their debut. This type of diamond has been created by cutting and polishing real rocks into gems that are indistinguishable to those who don’t know the difference.

Lab-grown diamonds offer consumers more options, but they can be much more expensive than natural ones. In addition to this, lab-grown diamonds might not always be available for purchase because not all countries allow for these types of stones to be mined or even imported as jewellery. If you do decide to go with lab-grown diamonds, you should expect to spend at least £2,000 on a ring if you want a stone smaller than 5 mm or larger than 10 mm in diameter. If that’s too pricey for you, then consider buying a pre-cut lab-grown diamond ring instead!

What Future Trends Might We See?

The future of engagement rings is a difficult thing to predict, but we can take a look at some of the trends that are emerging in today’s market and what they might possibly hold in store for us tomorrow.

For example, one recent trend has been the popularity of solitaire style engagement rings, which incorporates one central diamond or small cluster of smaller diamonds. The solitaire style takes up less space on your finger and is often much more affordable than other styles.

Another trend that’s likely to stick around is coloured diamonds. We’ve seen everything from pink to blue to yellow diamonds, but when it comes down to colour trends, silver and white seem like safe bets as well.

Of course, there are many more possible developments in the world of engagement rings, but these are just three that we think will make their way into our everyday lives!

So whether you’re planning an engagement ring for 2022 or looking for something different for your own wedding ring collection in the near future, now’s the time to find a stylish and unique piece of jewellery that’s perfect for you!

Additionally, engagement rings are becoming more affordable in comparison to the past. Gone are the days when you had to shell out thousands of dollars on one diamond. Now, you can find amazing quality diamonds on Etsy at lower prices, so it’s easier than ever before to buy an engagement ring!


Buying an engagement ring has always been one of the most important decisions for a couple. It is the gift that symbolizes the promise of forever and is meant to be a symbol of love and commitment. But with the changing market, will engagement rings still be around in 2022?

It’s difficult to predict how the industry will change as technology continues to evolve, but trends are definitely beginning to emerge. In the future, engagement rings will be bigger than they are today, but they’ll also come in more unique design styles, such as those incorporating diamond-encrusted skulls and lightning bolts.

And what about online shopping? It’s safe to say that it will become even more popular in the future, which means you can take your pick from a variety of different engagement rings from any number of online retailers.

The engagement ring industry is constantly changing, and now more than ever, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s trending in the wedding and diamond industry and what you can expect in the future.