A fashion line requires determination, hard work, money and luck. If you do not have any of these things, then the chances of your success are very slim. It is very difficult to get yourself known and liked by the public because they have plenty of other alternatives when buying clothing. The competition is enormous, so you must make yourself better than your competition so that people can remember you and actually want to purchase your clothing.

So how do you start a fashion line?

First off, do not approach big department stores about selling your clothing. They will never sell it because their clothes are made specifically for them and they will not sell any of someone else’s clothing. You will have to find out where you will be able to sell your clothing and then approach those stores.

You may want to consider selling on the internet. It is probably one of the fastest ways to get your clothing out there and noticed, but it will never be as profitable as having a store in a mall or selling directly to people.

You may need help setting up your business when you want to start a fashion line. There are companies that can help you get the clothing made and set up your website or a store to sell through. You could sign up with them and pay them a percentage of what you make per month to get their help.

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10 steps to start a fashion line

1) Selection of a good brand name. A brand name should be unique, meaningful, attractive to customers and easy to pronounce.

2) Search trademark availability and register a trademark. A trademark is the name that distinguishes different brands or kinds of goods from each other in the market. It may be a word, logo or any design or combination thereof. So, it is important to search the availability of your intended brand name in advance to avoid unnecessary costs and efforts later.

3) Search copyright availability and register a copyright. A copyright, an exclusive right granted by the government to the owner of original work, such as a book, musical composition or artwork. Copyright gives the owner of the work the exclusive right to do, produce or reproduce from it for a certain period of time.

4) Search domain availability. A domain name is a unique name that identifies a website or web page. It is important to register your intended domain name before someone else does, as an unregistered domain name may be taken by anyone in the world with no legal consequences.

5) Register your company and get a business license from the government of your country or state if applicable. A company is a business or organization consisting of an association of people, be it natural or legal, and recognized as such in law.

6) Search trademark availability and register a trademark in all countries where you plan to sell your products (worldwide).

7) Get a business banking account. A banking account is a deposit account held by a financial institution for the purpose of making deposits, withdrawals and other specified banking transactions.

8) Source a fashion designer or do the designs yourself

9) Source a manufacturer to produce your clothing, or build a relationship with a company that can print stock garments.

10) Find a route to market, likely building a website, and through social media.

Getting started

You can create a fashion line either by yourself or with a team. The most important thing is that you’re passionate about your idea, and it’s not just something that you see as “an opportunity to make money”. Before you get started in the business it’s important to know what kind of people to work with and who not to work with.

One important thing is not just finding the right people but also finding the right location. The place in which you live or intend to live makes a huge difference in your line.
When it comes to working with a team, you need to be able to trust the person you’re going into business with. Be sure that you have the same common vision and work ethic. The people that you’re going to work with are going to have a huge impact on your overall business success.

When it comes to your fashion line, it’s important not only making clothes but also making sure that every piece of clothing makes sense when people wear it together. You need to look at it as a whole rather than looking at it as just pieces.

One important thing is that you need to be able to have a creative mind and not mimic other people’s creativity. You need to be original, which is extremely difficult when you’re just getting started with fashion line.

When making your own fashion line, there are certain things that you should never do, such as copying other designers’ looks and stealing ideas from your team members. Not only will this get you into legal trouble, you’ll also lose your team members from the start and then you’ll have to find new ones.

When creating a fashion line, it’s important to know which websites are going to be good for advertising. In order to really advertise your products, you need to decide which paid advertising is going to work best for your business.