Longer days and more sun can only mean one thing – summer is on its way, and after a year of lockdowns and restrictions, everyone is ready for a little bit of warmth. Come summer, moods instantly lift (even science says so), which is why we need to get sun and summer-ready. 

Sunhats are one of the hottest fashion trends right now. It seems our mothers were right: sunhats also serve a practical purpose. They protect your head and scalp from the sun’s harmful rays, which reduces the risk of getting skin cancer later on in life and also helps avoid premature ageing. And while you may have resisted your mum’s pleas to don a sunhat when you were younger, sunhats are indeed having a serious moment, meaning you can protect yourself and look positively stunning at the same time. 

There’s something about having the perfect sunhat…the right one will exude a timeless charm that adds a flirty wink to your favourite summer outfits and beyond. So why do so many women have problems styling a sunhat? 

Instagram and fashion blogs are awash of stylish girls rocking their chic sunhats. Their wide-brim hats, floppy hats, fedoras, and Panama hats… ooze a sense of sexiness leaving us mere mortals wondering “how?” 

The answer is simple – they know how to style them. 

Sunhats reflect your style beautifully, making them the perfect summer accessory. Yes, there is an overwhelming amount of styles, colours, and fabrics to choose from, but the key is – wear it with confidence – don’t be afraid to experiment with your style. 

Here are some ways that fashion influencers are planning to wear their favourite sunhat this summer.

Bikini Babe

You can’t go wrong with a large floppy straw hat and a bikini – it’s the ideal beach and poolside look. For that little added extra and that amazing Instagram shot that will make your friends back home envious, get one with an embroidered caption like “Greetings from…” or “Do not disturb”?

Bikini Babe in SunhatSafari Chic 

For a classic Safari-inspired look, team a neutral straw Panama hat with a shirt-dress in with a bit of colour pop. 

Image 2

Retro Rebel 

Live a little and go a little tribal. Retro-inspired hats like the Lorna Murray Capri pairs perfectly with an oversized printed tee (tie-dye anyone?) loosely tucked into a pair of denim cutoffs. 

Image 3 

Race-day Ready 

Get race-day ready with a wide-brim floppy straw hat. Team it with high-neck tied blouses or dresses and a pair of classy court shoes to epitomize elegance at the tracks.

Image 4

Island Goddess 

For an Instagrammable look while cruising the Greek Islands, how about teaming a wide-brim straw hat with your favourite linen dress or oversized striped smock? 

Image 5

City Slick 

Picture this – you wearing a chic white tunic dress, a black band Panama hat, and a pair of pointed flats with the blurred cityscape in the backdrop…priceless!

Image 6

Wedding Guest 

Wide Brim Sunhat, check. Wide Leg Jumper, check. Statement clutch, check. This is the perfect look to wear when watching your loved ones say “I do!”

Image 7

Sunhat Buying Tips 

If you think that you don’t suit sunhats, you’re wrong! There’s a sunhat for everyone – it’s about finding the perfect one! Here’s what some of the industry’s most esteemed milliners and health experts have to say:

  1. Protect Yourself

As well as serving your style game, a sunhat also needs to be functional. The primary purpose of a sunhat is to protect you from the sun. This is where wide-brim hats come into play. A wider brim will undoubtedly offer you the most protection; it will not only protect your face, but also the back of your neck, so practicality does need to be added to the list of your sunhat criterion.

Image 8

  1. Experiment with styles 

With a plethora of hat styles out there, it can be daunting. Don’t be afraid to step into a store and have your private little fashion show. Try on several styles to see what you feel comfortable in, and more importantly love – because if you don’t LOVE it, it’s just going to end up collecting dust like those other whimsical items in your wardrobe.  

  1. Fabric Choice 

Traditional sunhats mostly come in the straw variety, which is perfect on those hot balmy days. That felt hat you’ve been eyeing up may look the part, but you might want to think again as this type of material traps the sun’s heat and can be incredibly uncomfortable in the hotter months. 

Image 10

  1. A Crown Affair 

Pay attention to the hat’s crown. Shorter crowns flatter longer faces, however, they can also create the illusion of being shorter, so this is something to think about if you’re petite. Longer hat crowns tend to suit rounder or smaller faces, and they also add a bit of height. So if you’re looking for a sunhat that flatters, spend some time looking for a perfectly proportioned one. 

Colour Code 

Like with every fashion accessory, sunhats come in a range of colours from plain neutral hues to eye-popping bright ones to pastels. Name the colour and there’s a sunhat in that shade. The key here is to think about your wardrobe and how many hats you’re going to purchase this summer. If it’s just the one, opt for a simple straw sunhat that has more versatility and will match any outfit, whether you’re dressing up or going casual.

Image 9

  1. Sunhats For Every Season 

Sunhats aren’t just for summer. Not only is there sun all year round, but the 70s floppy hat has also made a comeback this season. Rich earthy tones, layers, and a floppy hat – this is how you can prepare for the seasons ahead. 

  1. Make It Yours 

There’s nothing like adding a bit of a personal touch to your outfit and making your hat truly yours. Customise and make it bespoke by tying ribbons, scarves or even adding detail like shells or jewels. You could even attach a silk piece of material to match your bikini for that extra wow factor.

Image 11

  1. Avoid Hat Hair 

Avoid the dreaded hat hair scenario and try discreetly wearing a silk scarf under your hat – this beauty tip works when sleeping on silk pillowcases and it also works with hats. 

  1. Mark Free  

Turn your frown upside down and avoid any unsightly forehead marks from your sunhat by tilting your hat slightly on the back of your head. This boho trick also helps keep your makeup and hair in place.

This is not a prediction. Sunhats will be everywhere this summer, so this is one trend you want to get on board with. 

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