Do you love trying new makeup styles and trends? Are you crazy about makeup hacks that amuck life so much easier? Or are you someone who can barely draw a straight eyeliner, let alone know how to get master the smoky eyes?

Well, you could be on any end of the scale (or right in the middle). Makeup hacks can save time, make you look great, and give you fun things to do with the makeup kit.
DIY Make up Hacks to Master

Removing the Glitter Nail Polish

Did we just hear you groan? We know the feeling. Glitter nail polishes are wonderful until you need to remove them. The glitter gets stuck to your nails and creates a mess, no matter how much to rub with the nail polish remover. Not anymore. Instead of applying the transparent base coat on the nails, apply a layer of craft glue. Yep. Next, apply the glitter nail polish on this. When the time comes to remove the paint, just peel off the glue layer using a hair plucker. Easy, peasy, isn’t it?

Make Lipstick Last Longer

Is there anyone who doesn’t want this? How many tips and tricks have we tried to make the lipstick last all day long! It’s possible if you follow this simple technique. Once you’ve applied the lipstick and the liner, place a layer of tissue paper on it and dab some face powder. This will set the colour without dulling its impact. Your lipstick will stay on your lips longer than before. Give it a try, ladies.

For a Smoother Eyeliner

Some of us prefer eyeliner pencils to liquids and gels. But the tip of the eyeliner pencil can go hard and cause bumps in your liner. Just place the tip overheat (not too close to the fire) for 2 seconds. This will soften the eyeliner and allow it to flow smoothly over your lids. Remember two points- don’t overheat the eyeliner, and do not use the hot eyeliner immediately on your eyes. Let it cool for about 10-15 seconds, and then apply.

Ace the No-Makeup Look

Don’t we love the dewy and naturally glowing no-makeup look? There’s an easy way to get it right, and it requires just one step. All you need to do is mix sheer foundation or concealer with a hydrating face moisturizer and apply it over your face using the makeup blender. That’s it. You’ll look pretty and super cute with a natural shine to your skin.

Avoid Dry Foundation

The terrible thing that can happen for the foundation is to crack and become cakey on the skin. This is a risk, especially if you have dry skin. So how do you prevent this from happening? Just add a couple of drops of face oil to the foundation. The presence of oil will make it easy for the foundation liquid to glide over your skin and create an even tone.

Highlight the Eye Shadow

There is an easy way to highlight the eye shadow and make it a prominent feature on your face. Apply white eyeliner all over the eyelids. Then apply the eye shadow over it. This will make the eye shadow more intense and let the colours stand out. Got an eye shadow that’s a perfect match to your dress? Flaunt it, lady. Follow this simple hack.

Right Area to Test the Foundation and Concealer

No, it’s not your arms or your wrist. It’s not the forehead or the cheeks either. The correct area to test the shade of the foundation and concealer is your neck. Yes! Your neck has the right skin tone, and trying the shades here will make it easy to pick the correct shade for your face. No more worrying about the mismatched foundation.

DIY Lip Gloss

The age-old trick really works, you know. Instead of throwing away the broken eye shadows, crush them into a fine powder and mix with petroleum jelly. You can make some interesting shades of lip gloss this way. Moreover, you don’t have to waste the eye shadow either.

No More Mascara on the Lids

A simple way to prevent the mascara from marking your eyelids is to use a spoon. Place the curve of the spoon on your closed eye, leaving out the lashes. Now apply a generous layer of mascara. The excess will stick to the spoon instead of your eyelids. Super, isn’t it?


These are some cool makeup hacks anyone can master, right? There are, of course, a lot more to try. Whether it is using dry shampoo at night or applying a coat of translucent face powder on your eyelashes before applying mascara to make them thicker. Go on, use your newly acquired knowledge and flaunt your looks.